A Cheap VHF UHF Dipole

Here’s my variation on dual band dipole from drawings found on the web.

Mine is made from stainless welding wire with 1.5mm diameter. The fasteners are M4 A2 /stainless/ machine screws, nuts, and washers.

After adjustments, the total length  for the 2-meter band is approx. 960mm in total. The spacing between two halves is about 20mm.

For the 70-centimeter band, the total length is about 310mm, spacing is the same.

Adjustments was made on-site with MFJ-269 antenna analyzer. Minimum SWR for the 2m band is 1.3 and for the 70cm band is about 1.7.

The feeder is SAT TV RG-6 coax I already had. The cable /in the shack/ was cut in small portions until the SWR as at the antenna feed point was obtained.

dual band dipole  WP_20150621_002WP_20160131_011WP_20160131_001

note the shortest possible wires during adjustment


The bandwidth on VHF at SWR=2


and the SWR on UHF — not very good, but it’s acceptable.