RFT EKD-100 Service Manual

Going through my pile of HAM stuff, I’ve stumbled upon a hard-copy of the Service Manual of the RFT EKD-100 commercial MF-HF receiver.

It was sent by unknown employee at Koepenick /the former factory of RFT/ in Germany, by the request of my friend LZ3NY Mitko. Somehow he was able to find an email contact in this company and made the request. This was in August, 2000.

I remember Mitko told me that his email was received by sysadmin or an IT-specialist at the company. Then this person apparently went to the company’s archives, found the Service Manual in paper, and actually have made copies of the pages and sent the documents by mail! I am very, very grateful to this person and to LZ3NY!

In fact in this document some pages are missing — maybe this employee was focused on the important parts of the Manual. Anyway, I’m hoping that these files would be in help to somebody.

So, 22 years later, I decided to scan these pages and make them available for download.